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6 hour swim training days - Sunday May 26th 2013 & Sunday June 23rd 2013

SurvivaLifeguard Channel Swimming Club/Birmingham Lifeguards 6 Hour Training Day

Whilst there is no substitute for swimming off the Channel beaches for Channel Swimming training, Swan Pool is a good place to try out feeding regimes, new costumes, patience, etc in as safe as an outdoor environment as can be reasonably provided. The event is jointly run by SLCSC and Birmingham Lifeguards, entry fees help fund Birmingham Lifeguards voluntary activities throughout the year. A lap around the marker buoys is about half a mile so feeding at the quayside can be planned at regular intervals, alternatively your own support kayak could feed you subject to adherence to our safety procedures.
Previous open water experience over 1 mile (minimum entry requirement), this event has often been used by swimmers to see how far they can swim in preparation for long distance lake/river swims; triathlons or just curiousity.

Fee : in advance £30, (cheques payable to Birmingham Lifeguards). £40 on the day.

Time and Place : 10am - 4pm Sunday 26th May 2013 or Sunday 23rd June 2013, Swan Pool, West Bromwich, Sandwell Valley Park, West Midlands, B71 3SZ. Compulsory safety briefing at 930am.

You will be required to provide an emergency contact number and sign a disclaimer: "I understand that open water swimming can be dangerous and confirm that I consider myself medically fit to take part in the event. I have read and understood the safety instructions, and rules of entry and hereby confirm that I shall not pursue any claim against the Birmingham Lifeguard Club; SurvivaLifeguard/Channel Swimming Club; Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council or any person for any illness/injury or loss howsoever caused incurred by my participation in the event(s)." 
SLCSC/Birmingham Lifeguard Club 6 Hour Training Days - Rules of event

Swimmers wishing to receive a certificate to present to the Channel Swimming Association or Channel Swimming Piloting Federation as proof of ability to swim 6 hours must wear standard swimming kit of: One Standard Costume, One Standard Swimming Cap. Goggles and grease optional.  Providing the water temperature is below 60oF, I will contact the secretaries of both CSA and CSPF with the details of those who swam for the six hours  wearing one standard costume, one standard swimming cap (goggles optional); the approximate distance covered & the temperature of the water will also be reported. They will likely still require a copy of the certificate issued in information packs for their records to be sent to them with the usual application paperwork, we can sign these if you have completed the times required.
Those taking part in triathlon events who require proof of swimming a certain time or distance are welcome, a certificate will be issued that will record the kit worn. Similarly the event can be used to practice swimming for a time less than six hours: two hour swims for Channel Relay teams are a requirement of entry. Teams may wish to swim their two hours, have a short rest and swim again during the six hours as training. A certificate recording the time and approximate distance swam will be awarded to all participants.

Feed stops must be of reasonable duration. Feed stops longer than 2 minutes or exiting the water for any reason will be deemed to be a retirement. Feeding may take place at the quayside nearest the lap counter/referee. Swimmers who disregard the safety instructions by swimming over or endangering others in any way will be disqualified. On completion of each lap the swimmer must shout out their name. This helps the lap counter and also helps establish the swimmer is still able to think and communicate clearly.

Safety Rules

The lifeguard safety team may stop the event or any individual if they deem it necessary to do so. Swimmers who appear to be disorientated or in poor condition will be approached by the safety team who will shout the “Good?” If a similar response is not gained ie “Yes/Okay/Good” then they will take steps to remove the swimmer from the water for their own safety. All swimmers will be required to carry a whistle (included in entry fee). One long blast indicates a problem. Also turning onto back and raising an arm is a recognised signal. If help is needed, simply say the word “Help” to a member of the rescue team for immediate assistance. Entry and exit to the lake must be made via the slipway. Old shoes or flip flops are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED as we cannot guarantee the absence of sharp stones or foreign objects underfoot. Swimmers may bring their own supporters/canoeists if desired, but all craft must be fit for purpose and canoeists must be equipped with whistle, buoyancy aid, bright coloured hat and suitable paddle before entering the water. Obstructing any swimmer in any way will mean that canoeist is removed from the water immediately. If you have not swam a mile without a wetsuit before do not enter this event.

Detailed directions can be provided if coming from outside the area. Please email me - see box on left panel.

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